How to make a Floral Horse Birthday Cake

Today, I’m sharing some step-by-step instructions on how to make a lovely floral horse birthday cake! It can be decorated any way you want to fit your party’s theme but the version I made is a sweet floral pony with a rose in her mane.


How to Make a Floral Horse Birthday Cake:


This birthday cake was so much fun to make, and even though it looks super hard, it’s actually not! The best part about this cake design is that you can follow the steps to make the basic horse head and then decorate it any way you want, with any colors you want! I made it for my daughter’s birthday and I wanted to make it sweet and girly so of course it had to be pink and flowery. I used a cake pattern I found here for free on to make the basic cake shape. The nose is an M&M, the eye is a pink gum drop, and the mane is pink frosting that I piped on in just a few minutes.


How to Make a Floral Horse Birthday Cake:

How to Make a Floral Horse Birthday Cake:



How to Make a Horse Cake


First, download the horse head pattern from You will need to sign up first, before you can download the pattern but it’s free and only takes a few minutes! After you have downloaded the pattern, print it out and cut out the pieces according to the directions.

Use your favorite cake recipe or, if you prefer, use a box of cake mix to make the cake batter. Divide the batter evenly into one square 8 inch by 8 inch cake pan, and one round 8 inch cake pan. Bake according to the baking instructions.

After the cakes have cooled in the pans for 10 minutes, take them out of the pans and let them sit till they are completely cooled.


How to Create the Horse’s Head


Now it’s time to create the horse’s head! This may seem like a lot of steps but if you follow each one, you should have yourself a cute horse head to decorate!

Step 1:

Begin by placing the 8 inch cake on a flat surface. Arrange the two “B” pattern pieces on top of the cake.


Step 2:

Using a knife, cut a slice across the cake like this:


Step 3:

Then, cut that trimmed slice in half. (These are the two “B” shapes on the pattern.) These cake pieces will be the horse’s ears. Place Pattern A on the bigger piece of cake. Slice off the edge of the left side of the cake as shown on the pattern.



Step 4:

Place the square cake on a flat surface.



Step 5:

Arrange pattern pieces D and C on top, according to the instructions on the pattern. Make sure they are not overlapping.



Step 6:

Cut out pieces C and D. This is what the square cake should look like when you are done:



Step 7:

Take Piece C and D and set them aside. The other pieces of the cake are leftovers, but you can save them. I used some of the extra cake to place underneath the horse’s nose to make it sit more evenly next to the horse’s neck.



Step 8:

Now it’s time to put all the pieces together to make the horse’s head! It’s like making a puzzle! Arrange the cake pieces on your serving platter according to the picture below.

Use the leftover cake underneath any pieces that don’t sit evenly. For example, on my cake, Piece C needed some thin cake strips underneath it to make it sit perfectly against piece A.



Decorating the Horse

After your cake is arranged on the serving tray, you are ready to decorate it! The first thing you need to do is pick what color frosting you want and cover the whole cake in a layer of frosting to hold everything together. I wanted my pony to be white, so I found my favorite vanilla buttercream frosting recipe and made a batch of it. I really do recommend buttercream frosting because it firms up so well for a cake like this. Whichever recipe you choose, make sure the frosting recipe you use is one that will result in a firm frosting that is not runny. It needs to be thick enough to hold all those pieces together.


How to Make a Floral Horse Birthday Cake:


After the cake has been covered all over in a smooth layer of frosting, put it in the refrigerator to firm for an hour or so. Then coat the whole cake in another layer of frosting to cover any bare spots and to give it a smooth finish.


How to Make a Floral Horse Birthday Cake:


Now it’s time to make the horse’s mane! Fill a piping bag with frosting. I used pink strawberry buttercream to make a pretty pink mane. You can find my strawberry buttercream recipe on my blog post here. Then, I just piped lines down the horse’s neck till the mane was as thick as I wanted it to be. This doesn’t have to be perfect! If you mess up on a strand of hair, just pipe a few more lines over it.

I didn’t show it in this picture but I ended up making the mane go over the edge of the cake to cover the side as well and not just the top.


How to Make a Floral Horse Birthday Cake:


Add candy for the nostril and the eye. I used an M&M for the nostril and a gum drop for the eye.


How to Make a Floral Horse Birthday Cake:


Lastly, I added a rose to the pony’s mane because what horse does not look cute in flowers!


How to Make a Floral Horse Birthday Cake:


I have to admit, before I settled with the rose, I tried out lots of other flowers. You could go with daises like this Daisy Pony:


How to Make a Floral Horse Birthday Cake:


Or how about a Pansey Pony? Isn’t that darling?! I made a little flower crown for her pink mane. Yes, I get carried away with this! Haha! But making floral pony cakes is so much fun!


How to Make a Floral Horse Birthday Cake:


In the end, I went with a sweet rose behind the pony’s ear because roses are my favorite!


How to Make a Floral Horse Birthday Cake:


I would love to see your creations so tag them with #downflorallane so I can see! <3

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